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Status: This page describes an active advanced relationship proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-xxx
Champion: caller#6
Current status: Discussion


Sort names make it possible for external applications to create logical, alphabetical indexes. For the best results, have an understanding of these guidelines but exercise your best judgment.

Sorting Orders

Personal names:

Family Name Given Name Jr. , Sr. , III etc. Prefix / Suffix
  1. Prefixes and suffixes include, for example, "Sir", "Dame", "DJ" and "Esq."
  2. Treat middle names and nicknames as part of the "given name"
  3. Family names take different forms in different cultures. The discussion page has some language-specific suggestions. When in doubt, consult an editor familiar with the language and culture in question.
  • Hank Williams, Jr. has the sort name "Williams, Hank, Jr."
  • Johhny "Guitar" Watson has the sort name "Watson, Johnny "Guitar""

Band names:

Band Name Article (e.g. "A" or "The")
  • The Beatles have sort name "Beatles, The"
  • Los Lobos have sort name "Lobos, Los"

Personal names that are followed by a band name:

Family Name Given Name Jr. , Sr. , III etc. Prefix / Suffix Connector (e.g. "&") Band Name
  1. If the Band Name has an article, don't shift it to the end in this case
    • I really want to kill this "rule"

Further Guidelines

  • Seperate the "parts" of a sort name with commas
  • Use Latin characters (including diacritics) regardless of the script used for the Artist Name
  • Avoid "stylistic" characters that affect the sorting order
    • Convert symbols representing Latin characters to those characters
    • Convert "stylistic" ligatures into the individual characters
    • Use half-width Latin characters, not full-width