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<nowiki>Editor:{{PAGENAME}}</nowiki> for users, main needs no.  
<nowiki>Editor:{{PAGENAME}}</nowiki> for users, main needs no.  
[[Category:To Do List]] [[Category:Person]] [[Category:ongoing test]]
[[Category:To Do List]] [[Category:ongoing test]]
{{lang no-native}} {{lang en-fluent}} {{lang sv-fluent}} {{lang da-some}}
{{lang no-native}} {{lang en-fluent}} {{lang sv-fluent}} {{lang da-some}}

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hi! I am mo or CatCat, the dodgy looking modeditor from Norway! I found Musicbrainz through listen-to [rip], and after a while I became highly engrossed.
Since English isn't my native language, my grammar can be wrong, but sometimes I do this on purpose though.
If you need any help with a Norwegian (or Swedish and Danish) release, track title m.m, I'm your man. After all, the letters æ ø å aren't just odd things with accents to me, I consider them stand alone letters in their own right, they have separated keys on my keyboard you know :B

Dodgy Looking Obligatory To-Do list:

  • fix0r the Uriah Heep database
    • amount left: singles 0%, VA albums (postponed 'cause I'm lazy)
  • Look over all my CDs and add fix labels, TOCs and collections. (1%)
  • Look over all my "new" CDs and add them/discids/labels of everything
  • Re-order and fix Lynyrd Skynyrd's members
  • Look over my 'subscriptions' and fix them/order their Quality Setting and Folksonomy Tag, add to Collections
  • add the entire music collection of the Deichmanske Biblioteket i Oslo to the database postpona ad undefinum.
  • If you would like a challenge please visit my subscriptions for an extensive list of Classical Entries That Need Editing
    • Please be rememberings that some of these artists are on my list just because I like them, though.
  • CotM

done work

Hello Project (luls pun)

International work:

Need's Review as of 15th March:

    • add here plz



Newly created AR subpage after some very short irc discussion: [[mo/AR-Tree ReArrangement|mo/AR-Tree ReArrangement]]

add something like "contains speech of another artist" AR (http://bugs.musicbrainz.org/ticket/3032) ?

Other resources:

obvious test is obvious


TODO: find out how to make a template/code to display a regular list of subpages on *EACH* page.

search takes parameters for namespaces - http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/index.php?title=Special%3APrefixindex&from=CatCat%2F&namespace=2

Every Page NEEDs this for users and languages

pages will have subpages, subpages are currently too invisible.

this is to make them more integrated, so stuff that doesn't belong on the main page/already has a subpage, are easily accessible.

Editor:{{PAGENAME}} for users, main needs no.

Template:lang no-native Template:lang en-fluent Template:lang sv-fluent Template:lang da-some