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work types: (format) call it "type"

fictional (skjønnliteratur): BB-404 roman - novel novelle - short story poetry - diktsamling picturebook - chiefly for children, there is no or very little text screenplay - textual script of a play, movie or series comic/graphic novel/manga - the distinction from picturebook is several squares of images and text, though it can be difficult to pin-point as there are text-less graphic novels.


colouringbook/activitybook - books designed to be drawn and written in for amusement and leisure. artbook - contains depictions and dissertations on art photobook - contains photos notebook - contains musical-notation crafts - books about knitting, embroidery papercraft, etc - almost always contains diagrams and patterns.

pulp saga/kvad prosa eventyr

"omnibus" (collected works of (an) author possible most or all) "collection" (curated selection of works by several authors.)

abridged guided reader/

(imho we should brobably *not* separate comics from manga/manwa from "graphic novel" these are all boxes with images and textbubbles. there is indeed some distinction in *genre* of eg Calvin & Hobbes serialised 3ruters setup-delivery-punchline and serialised continuised stories like Attack on Titan or Sandman, but how do these relate?) Another problem is that comics can be both skjønnliteratur *and* sakprosa

comic graphic novel Comic fanzine: a non-professional and non-official publication produced by enthusiasts of a particular cultural phenomenon (such as a literary or musical genre). Comic strips: A compilation of comic strips is a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to display brief humour or form a narrative, often serialized, with text in balloons and captions. Graphic novel: a fictional story that is presented in comic-strip format and published as a book Manga: Japanese comic books Manfra: Franco-Belgian comics inspired by manga. Manhua: Chinese comics produced in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan Manhwa: Korean comics

non fiction: (Sakprosa) subject prose (a much better term than "non" fiction). BB-403 it's problematic because how much "fiction" does a magazine contain? history books? an educational book in a language for teaching? (ex: an english book will contain snippets of fiction!) conversely is a colouringbook fiction or no? and comics can be either. more and more I think of this I feel having distinctions between the two is pointless. see also comic above. additionally it would remove any problems with classifying religious texts as fiction/notfiction.

informational: newspaper - monthly, weekly or daily news. magazine - journal - scientific journal biography - book about someone

educational: educational - faktabøker historic - historiebøker religious - religjøse tekster

- salmebøker

atlas - atlasbøker school - specifically schoolbooks as opposed to general informational. (skolebøker) the kind of book o'reilly and "x for dummies" books are

herbaries flora (some overlap with herbary?) fauna heraldry ancestorial letters

embroidery - brodering(burder være under craft, for du has strikking mm. sigh) crafts - books about knitting, embroidery papercraft, etc - almost always contains diagrams and patterns. cook book - recepies for making food.

utility: manual - technical description or instructions. map book (separate from atlas as these are were used chiefly as driving and hiking aids) catalogue (purchasing) telephonecatalogue (directory) colletors catalogue - (stamps, coins, etc)

ordbøker: dictionary - encyclopaedia - leksikon thesaurus - synonymordbok crossword-book - kryssordbøker

work types: (genre) science fiction fantasy romance horror historic epic tragedy comedy crime/detective drama

melodrama tragicomedy