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We bring exciting news! We all agreed that we will move our servers east again, this time all the way to India!

[19:27] <yvanzo> Let's move our servers to the east again, maybe to India so we can just send them by ship (through Suez Canal.

due to the rising cost of blah blah we will again by moving our serverpark east this time to India all of our non-slacker devs are already from india (except a few in spain, which is ironic) bitmap doesn't count as he's so much west it becomes a rollower error and it counts as east again, much in accordance with the levels of productivity (east -> more productive) due to the rising cost of green packaging we will be sending our servers through the newly UN-clogged suez channel unfortunately our first shipment of servers where on ever last so that explains why ping time has been slow for a while.

because everyday is such a big boat it might also take some time for us to locate where the servers are stored - unpacking at our destination shouldn't take more than [ridiculous timeframe]

[the following was evelyns idea 👏 ] to help in the meantime, we will be outsourcing some services to outer services in the meantime. becasue things are so slow, we have foudn a temporary soultion, outsourcing!

the relationships to the CDDB

classical relationships will be outsourced to Amazon Music HD the new custom servers failed to arrive in time for the 21st anniversary of musicbrainz so Amazon kindly offered to help, as did cddb

evergood ever