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== Cicero Buck
'''A Dynamic Americana Pop/Rock Duo
Cicero Buck consist of two main writers/performers:
Kris Wilkinson Hughes, an American from the Deep South
of America, writes and sings and plays acoustic guitar.
Joe Hughes, a Brit from Coventry, plays bass and contributes
to the writing and arrangement. He is best known for co-writing
'No More I Love Yous'.
Together they have recorded three full length albums for their
own label, Super Tiny Records
[https://www.supertinyrecords.com] and one EP for
a small (now dormant) label in which two songs were chosen for
a British feature film (Delicious). The video to Heavy Rain
lives HERE [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUE-iL5qTUQ]
Their latest full length album, 'The Birth of Swagger' has
just been released and features the first single 'There Is You'.
'There Is You' bounces with McCartney-esque purpose and melody - AmericanaUK
'There Is You, which, the initial synth pulse aside, is pure Jeff Lynne enswathed
three minute 70s pop' - Fatea Magazine
'The concept, the songwriting, the performances and the production are all excellent,
and The Birth of Swagger showcases artists with experience, skills and self-knowledge
to spare.' - Rust Magazine

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