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CDBaby Cover Art (add "_large" for 600x600 Cover Art instead of 200x200)

Ebay Cover Art$_12.JPG$_57.JPG (replace "$_12.JPG" with "$_57.JPG" for 1600x1600 Picture) (replace "s-l600.jpg" with "s-l1600.jpg" for 1600x1600 Picture)

EMusic Cover Art (replace "600x600.jpg" with "1400x1400.jpg" for 1400x1400 Cover Art)

iTunes Cover Art  Music6/v4/d4/c8/4a/d4c84a65-0eaa-9e38-28cc-5b92b64c49e8  /cover1400x1400.jpeg  Music6/v4/d4/c8/4a/d4c84a65-0eaa-9e38-28cc-5b92b64c49e8  /source/9999x9999.jpg

Murfie Cover Art (replace "large" with "huge" for 300x300 Cover Art instead of 210x210)

Google Play Cover Art (replace "w300" with "w9999" for Maximum Cover Art)

Zing MP3 Cover Art (remove "thumb/XXX_XXX/") Cover Art (remove "thumbs/***x***/")