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Robert Kaye Welcome to everyone and hopefully do the right things so that our community because of the nurse as far as the important directors concerned we're doing the same thing with the Board of Directors there we recently had Sophie take on a new job and she couldn't actually continue the amount of work because one of her clients was one of our customers and that creates a conflict of interest situation so she had to quit. we're still looking for a good replacement director but the issue is that the diverse people on board must remain the same or get better and doing something so I care about these things even though has variable power too much on this front doing as much as I can whatever I can. we have we're just doing an incredible diverse number of projects we have a lot more volunteers and there's there's the number of tasks that are just sort of it both would make around joiners 15 years seem like 2025? I think we're making you know getting a little closer but other things that fixing or hosting a new infrastructure you know disaster just what was in yours probably looking at graphs from the server's and so forth I found an incredible amount of work to make that happen it's just they've obviously giant phenomenal as well there's really nice to be at what we feel of it because now we can just fire up servers and have work capacity as we needed so when somebody comes to me and says hey Rob we need a thought for the public or blog the answer is yes it's just a matter of like pointing to be actually took this so the flexibility we've gained last year pieces Incredibles really has been good and also to sort of hang what you have a lot of work that we've done we didn't have a benefit out of it a couple of weeks ago we found a single point of failure that's been fixed but the really beautiful thing is the database server which is core for absolutely everything when it came back up, BAM!! Everything came back up with an exception of cover archive right we'll fix that one that's a pretty simple fix but still everything just came back everything was selfie with. yes, I don't know how much that means to anyone other than me but that's I find that to be incredible but we've actually gone that far so round of applause-
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