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I slightly changed my name, see [[DavitoF]] :-)
My true name is Frederic Da Vitoria (well, actually, it is Frédéric Da Vitoria, with the accents).
I have been a software developer since 1986. I generally work on databases, but I like working on other programming domains too. Music would probably have been my job if I had only followed my natural tendencies. So I am glad that MB offers me a way to apply my job to my passion.
My deepest emotions are with classical music, but I enjoy some things in pop and jazz too.
==Classical Future==
This page [[Classical Future|ClassicalFuture]] tries to summarize as well as extend several discussions about what would help handling classical music in MB.
==Opera Track Style==
2007-01-29: I started [[Opera Track Style|OperaTrackStyle]] as a test case for [[User:DonRedman|DonRedman]]'s new ideas for style modifications.
==Releases which should probably be split==
This page [[Split Candidates|SplitCandidates]] is a list of releases where the DiscIDs suggest that the releases should actually be split in two or more.
==To do==
Check [http://musicbrainz.org/artist/b58165ba-ac55-49a1-8855-caf16c68f5f2.html Georges Brassens] album types
Check [[French Artists|FrenchArtists]] (missing artists, artists not linked although they are known by MB...)
Check Jacques Loussier / Jacques Loussier Trio releases
Style: Ask whether "feat." can be omitted and if so when.
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I slightly changed my name, see DavitoF :-)