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Hey Gang!

So, I'm working on MBS-2614 and MBS-4594 and I have a question for the users. The gist of the issues is that when edits expire, be it by the expiration date or the unanimous rule, they aren't closed and applied immediately. Edits remain open for voting until when they are closed at the top of the hour by ModBot, provided there are no bugs in the server preventing their application. Edits that have expired but are still open display "Already expired," which is confusing for some who are unfamiliar with how our edit system works.

There are four proposed solutions to these tickets:

  1. Make edits close and apply as soon as they expire.
  2. Set the expire time to shortly before ModBot runs when the edit is entered.
  3. Use the existing expiry dates but change the display of the edits to show the expiry time rounded up to the next hour.
  4. Change the "already expired" text to something less confusing keeping the edit system they way it is now.

Before I continue on these, I need a consensus on what the users would prefer or another option. I'll keep this open for debate until August 27 at which I'll submit a patch so it will have time to make it onto the September 3 bug fix release. I'll keep a wiki up to keep track of votes.