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I am Dibou, a contributor living in Lyons, France. My mothertongue is french.

I cannot spend a lot of time contributing to MusicBrainz, so my major activities are:

  • adding the discs I own and that are not present in the database;
  • improving the discs I own that are present in the database but that need improvements;
  • improving other releases, voting for edits;
  • various minor thing...

As a contributor, I would be happy and proud to contribute to an internationalisation project of MusicBrainz, as I feel that the language is the main brake on a large developpement of MusicBrainz. I could in particular work on translating or writing helps and other doc.

I also think that creating a french viewable community of users would be welcome!


My MusicBrainz edits

My MusicBrainz open edits