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Summer of Code at MusicBrainz !


I am a developer doing my Masters at the University of Florida. I came across MusicBrainz a few months back while working on my project at Grooveshark. After downloading it and going through its api's, I feel I have sufficient idea of what musicbrainz intends doing. Also, being a passionate music lover myself, it seems like this would be the perfect GSOC project for me to work on.


I wish to create either embeddable widgets or I want to create a crawler that would get data automatically into musicbrainz. I have some experience writing crawlers and I am pretty comfortable with the hassles commonly faced during web development. I used musicbrainz mainly to get wikipedia links for artists, but have found that many artists do not yet have wikipedia links in their relationships. Hence, I would love to write a crawler that gets this information to musicbrainz through some search mechanism on the internet.

Music Lover

I am a hardcore music lover (grooveshark is open in my browser 24 X 7). My music tastes are more on the sounds of artists like Aerosmith, Coldplay and Greenday.