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Who are you?

A moderator known either as dmppanda or Mangled, though my mails are usually signed Olivier.

I was formerly known as The Creature of Dr teleSTEIN, and/or as The Crazy Annotations Master - a somewhat overrated title I owned by... annotating... Lately, Yurim has been calling me L.A. (Lord Annotator) - which probably means I'm getting old ;)

I'm supposed to operate mostly in the Jazz sections of the database. Actually, this part of the db is pretty much abandoned, so it wasn't really hard to look like I was a jazz guru - which I'm not.

I'm a native french speaker, willing to help these who desperately need to fix french titles but can't (as long as they don't plan to call on ArtistIntent). Note that somebody calling on ArtistIntent does not actually need any kind of expertise - they can mess the titles all by themselves.

Due to a demanding and variable professional life, I'm on and off depending on the period of the year and facts beyond my control (eg: if I got work, or if I got dough / spondulicks / wonga) - so you may either find me very easily, or have to wait a week for a mail answer...

What is on this page?

Some random stuff, memos, todo list, notes, bookmarks, dinosaurs bones...

Extra-editing stuff I've been workin' on


  • As far as I remember, my first contribution to the wiki was this tomfoolery:
  • Lately, I've been involved in the work done on labels, which sum up to: Template:FullSearch
  • and to some extent on reworking the annotation documentation:
  • I'm also the father of this other tomfoolery:

Style stuff I introduced:

Editing plans

  • get rid of the VA comp mess on jazz
  • Artists on the tidying radar:
    • Don Pullen
    • Django Reinhardt
    • Charles Mingus
    • Eric Dolphy
    • Thelonious Monk
    • Charlie Parker
    • Billie Holiday
    • Ella Fitzgerald
    • Duke Ellington
    • Erik Satie
    • Ornette Coleman
  • getting the jazz incoming flow under control
  • trying to get the french stuff incoming flow under control
  • verify albums with Multiple Language set / No Language set
  • get ready for the arrival of label entries in the system

Style TODO

  • re-open capitalization style for abreviated words like 'Round
  • obtain track annotations
  • form the MB Jazz Strike Force with other jazz moderators, an informal group of moderators sharing/debating opinions (eg: on topics like track title variant chosen for harmonization), and coordinating tidying efforts, ensuring both that Jazz doesn't derive from MB style, and still doesn't loose its specificity - right now, the strike-force/thingie/stuff resumes to Yllona and myself communicating by throwing at each other rare jazz track titles, mood-driven and freely-word-associated, which is actually very fun

Some (auto)-editors

Editors I've been/I'm working with regularly:

  • Marcel Editor:Bad_Seed, who always answer yes for my spanish/portuguese laundry
  • Editor:mbase1235 a.k.a. Steve Coleman, on the project to fix his own discography
  • Editor:Joan+Whittaker, co-authoring mailings and bug reports, rampaging through Jazz/Compositions, co-fixing horked releases... Not to mention she regularly vote on my edits and stuff my subscriptions with countless edits ;)
  • Editor:keschte, with whom I used to exchange light minded mails on technical topics like "what is the sex of javascript?" or "do DOM elements have brainz?"

Editors I'm sometime voting on their edits:

An editor doing a lot of interesting adds to the jazz section:

Editors I've crossed, doing good job IMHO:

Other editors, bookmarked here for some reason:

  • Editor:MLL
  • Editor:claiborne

Bookmarks: Things I should watch on a regular basis and I don't

Funniest typos

Track typos that made me laugh:

  • L'idole des jaunes
  • Would You Lie to Take a Walk?
  • Take Lobe Easy

Stuff that need to be addressed / answered

  • instruments "tap dancing" (Who used to dance) and "pocket trumpet" (Don Cherry)
  • 2090: title length limit too small
  • GuessCase strange behavior on "Sittin' and Rockin'"
  • GuessCase french mode somewhat horked

Ideas for reports / scripts / crazy development

  • Have a report of all (supposed) homebrew discid
  • release date: mom' lil' helper
  • A XUL interface to the web service and/or the web site

Holy crap!!!!

  • - wouldn't it be great if you could get notified anytime some retard adds a new artist with "Count Basie" in it and thwart their edit? (Jugdish)
    • Actually, this is the intent of this link: once I'll get Basie tidied, looking at new entries in this search page will give me a hint that something needs attention - right now it's so messy anyhow I can't be bothered checking new adds. About the "retard" part :p -> you can't expect people to do hours long discographic researchs to track down the origin of a tune on a low quality V.A. compilation. Most time they want what's printed on the sleeve, and that's fair (to some extent) - when they have a sleeve... Also, I prefer to have some bogus entry as track artist that will actually give me a hint about the formation name (hence the session details) rather than a raw and uncooked "Count Basie". There's also some unfinished business with VA comps in jazz, as some people tend to use formations names as track artist, and others release artist - the later being in itself quite problematic for some (old) stuff that have been issued multiple times under multiple different artist names. Actually, MusicBrainz is not (yet) the perfect discographer tool we are dreaming about: it's just the best we have at hand. -- dmppanda 09:27, 08 March 2007 (UTC)

Extremely politically incorrect thoughts

Disclaimer: whoever you are, don't you ever mention me as a reference if you think the same. These thoughts are the shame of the community, counter-productive, dangerous, and I'll deny I ever thought them if somebody asks me.

That being said...

  • "Preserving (album version) into titles just sucks"
  • "Using sentence mode for french capitalization is the laziest and most stupid move done by the french editors in MB *ever*. Nice going guys."
  • "Go to hell composer style!" (Shepard in a great moment of inspiration)

Spoken languages

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