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My real name is Christoph Koenig. I am currently writing my Ph.D. thesis in educational sciences at the post-graduate school Quality in E-Learning through Feedback-Processes at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.

I stumbled over open source and into MusicBrainz when I was somewhere in between educational philosophy (Bildung), theories of autonomous learning and postmodern sociology, and realized that open source hackers were doing what these scientists were writing about. I have since done a qualitative research on the Torvalds-Tanenbaum-Debate and written my masters thesis about "Processes of Learning and Bildung in Open Source Software Projects", and I am studiyng ethical implications of the dynamics of Open Source Projects in my current research.

So, this is a non-hackers version of how somebody gets addicted to MusicBrainz. I cannot code but am somewhat of a professional of communication, and I found MB pretty exciting in this regard.

I am a great fan of soft security and I argue against most formal structures when I believe that things could work without them. While often people tend to argue for formal structures when they believe that things might break without them. In this respect I got and get involved in lengthy discussions on the MailingLists and on the MusicBrainzWiki.


This is usually hoplessly out of date. But these are the bigger projects I have been involved here (For a more up to date list, just look for my name on RecentChanges)

Kind of To DO List

This is so out of date, you cannot even imagine how much. Don't really know why I keep it here :-)

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