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Christoph Koenig

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Christoph, better known to brainzers as DonRedman, is one of the major contributors to the MusicBrainz Wiki, and was largely responsible for its growth and use for the documentation and meta-organization of MusicBrainz. He has become MusicBrainz' resident expert on social issues and organizational development and is currently the secretary of the StyleCouncil.
Christoph has studied educational sciences at the University of Hamburg, Germany, and has written his master's thesis about "Processes of Learning and Bildung in Open Source Software Projects." He is currently writing his Ph.D. thesis in educational sciences at the post-graduate school on Feedback Based Quality Management in eLearning at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. As somewhat of a professional for communication, he found MusicBrainz, and the community it forms, an exciting subject in this regard.
Christoph stumbled over open source and into MusicBrainz when he was somewhere in between postmodern philosophy, theories of autonomous learning and Bildung (educational philosophy). So, this is a non-hackers version of: "Perl hacker, looking for MP3-tagging tool, found MusicBrainz, got addicted."