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Test of Automated Status Card

I try to develop a status card for WikiDocs. The idea is that an official version of a StyleGuideline can be transcluded to WikiDocs while people work on a revised version in the wiki. One and the same macro should automagically show the correct status message and link to the respective other page.

How does it work?

Currently it works with the Include macro only, since ´Card´ is not yet supported by WikiDocs.

This page has three revisions:

  1. The revision that shows the Status for the official WikiDocsPage. This is currently #1
  2. The revision that shows the Status for the inofficial wiki page. This should always be the current revision. However, currently this is #2, because there is
  3. the revision that explains it all. This one. :-)

Now the TransclusionTable should transclude #1 to WikiDocs. Therefore if you put


On a page it will show #1 in WikiDocs and the current revision in the wiki. Which is exactly what we want.

And with CardMacro?

With Card macro we could add variables, which would mean that we would not need a single page for each guideline.

Wording of the messages

Please help improve the wording and layout of the messages:

  • Is it "in" or "on" the wiki?
{i} This is the official Version of the XY StyleGuideline.
A new version of the guideline is currently developed on the Wiki
Alert.png This is a development Version of the XY StyleGuideline which is developed on the wiki.
The official version of the guideline, which is currently in use, can be found on http://musicbrainz.org/docs/TestStatusCard