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“There is a cosmic counterpoint alive and well here.”-Jimmy Page-2013

I like to introduce you to Du Bellows,a female fronted five piece from West London who after only a year in existence are already making sonic waves with their eclectic brew of bluesy rock via folk deep rhythm-heavy grooves to gospel/gypsy tearjerking melancholia.

Since forming in 2012 Du Bellows have rehearsed and gigged hard and along the way have received positive response from the media including Mojo Editor-in-Chief-Phil Alexander- who featured them in his Planet Rock FM radio show-Mojo Rocks- and Classic Rock magazine who included their eponymous track-Isa Du Bellow- on the cover mount of the June issue.

They have also acquired some prestigious fans including Jimmy Page who after going to a show said:" Du Bellows are by far one of the most interesting and musically adept bands I have seen recently."

The band are currently working on their first album at Stir Studios in Cardiff and are set to release an EP later this year.

Du Bellows; Jade Williams-Vocals,TJ Shipton-Guitar,Darley Mylan-Guitar & Vocals,Richard Leeds-Bass,David Watkinson-Drums.