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Hi, I am Shadab Zafar, a CS undergrad from India.

I found out about MusicBrainz Picard in Nov 2013 while looking for a tool to tag my songs. A friend then told me that there was a GSoC project on the same tool, I applied for the project and got selected so during 2014's summer, I worked on creating the current Picard's site & API and adding Plugin Download features to Picard.

Todo List

Add Data

I have a lot of old untagged bollywood music (songs by Lata, Mukesh, Rafi etc.), I've thought of adding it many times, but just couldn't get it done.

Some releases that I found on iTunes but are not in MB (last I checked) - Mickey Virus, Samrat Co., Toon To Thehre Pardesi, Total Siyapa, Main Tera Hero, Best of Me by Mohit Chauhan, Coke Studio (Coke studio has a lot of CD releases, almost all of which are missing), MTV Unplugged?

New Releases Alert

A script that finds newly release bollywood albums on iTunes and then checks whether they are on MB, if not then alerts me (& a few other friends), so we can add it on MB

Sources to find new albums: Wikipedia's bollywood movies page, (?)

MusicBrainz Server

If it wasn't for CritiqueBrainz, I would've worked on MBS this year. The only feature I care about right now is the ability to add Cover arts by just providing a URL to an image file (think 1200x iTunes album covers.)

If I do get to setting it up, I might also try my hands on MBS-5636 as a CB feature depends on it.

Mailing List

A search interface for the archives of the lists. I don't think this is a MB specific issue, so a simple solution must exist - the google site: & inurl: tricks don't work for me.

Chatlogs/IRC Bot

Again, a search interface would be great.

Ask if the people don't have a problem in moving the IRC logs to as it has a pretty interface (with search and all.)

I've also thought of doing some stats/analysis stuff on the IRC logs (things like when are people most likely to reply, most active user according to day of week etc.)

Add a UUID link feature to the IRC bot, so when anyone posts a UUID in their message, it searches MB and pastes a link if it is found.