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I mostly edit Chinese Artists and have written some Chinese Notes about editing and style issues that may need improving.

Standard edit notes

Please see [HowToWriteEditNotes]. Specifically, please provide a source so that other editors can vote on your edits.

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Simplified Chinese not GB2312?

  • 千面女孩 Love Me track 3 (伱的轮廓), track 8 (男人悤是梁女人烦恼), track 11 (戀歌)
  • 迷人的卡勒 track 10 (往事常牵掛)
  • 愛是永恆 title (愛是永恆), track 1 (愛是永恆)
  • I Will track 2 (初恋 (첫사랑)), track 12 (Timeless (Feat. 東方神起 Xiah 俊秀)), track 13 (星願 (성원) - Korean), track 14 (幸福的左岸 (연인이여) - Korean)
  • 脼脠脟茂 title (脼脠脟茂), track 1 (脕脰脫茂), track 2 (脡陆脡帽), track 3 (脷陇陆颅), track 4 (脼脠脟茂), track 5 (脛潞脕脰), track 6 (禄脛脡陆), track 7 (脤矛脌脟), track 8 (鹿茅脵芒), track 9 (脣陋脭脗)
  • 脼脠脟茂 title (脼脠脟茂), track 2 (脫脛鹿脠), track 3 (脟茂脣录), track 4 (脟茂脢脜)
  • 完全拥有 (disc 2) track 6 (叮噹)
  • 爱的诗篇 track 6 (我不是你想像那麼勇敢)
  • 波羅密多 title (波羅密多), track 1 (雲鐘 (序曲)), track 2 (波羅密多), track 3 (阿耨多羅三藐三菩提), track 6 (般若心經), track 7 (塵鼓)
  • 1st 最棒! track 5 (Go Girl〜恋爱胜利〜 (中文版)), track 6 (Debut!〜恋爱的转角会有好运降临〜 (日文版))
  • 心的东方 track 8 (心·战~RED CLIFF~)
  • 聲聲醉如蘭。 title (聲聲醉如蘭。)
  • 雨吁 track 11 (乂安)
  • 西洋乐器欣赏入门系列之钢琴 track 10 (Étude "Chanson de l'adieu" in E major)
  • 真爱(新曲+真正精選) title (真爱(新曲+真正精選))
  • 表演vol.2 track 12 (沉默·秘密)
  • 人人都有個小板[登/亢],我的不帯入二十一世紀 title (人人都有個小板[登/亢],我的不帯入二十一世紀), track 1 (有人従背後拍打我的肩膀), track 2 (到四道口換26路−我的憂傷難以啓歯), track 3 (一椿事実婚姻), track 4 (部分土豆進城), track 5 (花功夫做些手脚後該去拝訪誰), track 6 (歓迎収听広播), track 7 (両個川厨在酒[ロ巴])

Trational Chinese not Big5?




  • Is there a Jay Chou composition on 梁漢文 Music Is the Answer?

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