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Frederik 'Freso' S. Olesen

... or just Editor:Freso.

Other places


  • E-mail: musicbrainz at freso dot dk
  • IRC: Freso on,, and
  • Jabber/Google Talk/MSN Messenger:
  • GPG Key: 55102627 (also available at

MB Projects / To Do

    • Explain the TradFactor
      • Background / causes (/ history?)
      • What effect this has on some of the guidelines, proposed and current
      • Other effects on MusicBrainz
  • Database:
    • Adding (and correcting) as much as possible info on Danish folk and trad. artists and releases
    • Gather SubOptimalCredits in the AR system and...
      • Lobby for folk/trad. instruments to be added/expanded upon
      • Other stuff?
      • Possibly rearrange the SubOptimalCredits page
        • Arrange per instrument/credit, per artist, or per release?
          • Per instrument
            • Pro: Easy to spot the instruments/credits with the most less-than-optimal ARs.
          • Per artist:
            • Pro: Easy to see if it's one artist doing a lot of work with non-common instruments.
            • Pro: One could focus on one artist when lobbying for an instrument/credit addition.
          • Per release:
            • Pro: Easy to see if there're releases that use more non-optimal ARs than others.
          • What would be really cool was if we could enter the data and choose which view one would prefer at any given time, but that's probably more than the wiki can handle on its own without some hacking. (Which I could probably do, should this be wanted by more folks than meself.)
  • Can you be more explicit about that? Macro? Selective include statements? "Views" as you call them could be very interesting besides (eg: not limited to) the SubOptimalCredits page (DeleteWhenCooked). -- dmppanda 10:04, 20 April 2007 (UTC)
    • What I had in mind was something akin to a table structure. You would have "Artist, ArtistID, Release, ReleaseID, Track, TrackID, Instrument, Note" (possibly just the IDs for artists, releases, and tracks, if the load of fetching this information would not be too much), and then some hacking to display the tabular data sorted either by instrument, artist, or release (I had imagined it as "== (Instrument/Artist/Artist: Release) ==" followed by a list of "[artist ->] release [-> track] - note" (like the current page)). The script to do this could certainly be written to accomodate for other cases of taking tabular data and sorting it according to the whims and wishes of the user. Does this answer your query? If so, I'll try and see whether I can make the above text provide more detail. -- FrederikSOlesen 16:34, 20 April 2007 (UTC)
      • It does. So, it's not a pure-wiki hack, but rather patching MoinMoin with some javascript snippet. I have such a lib ready, and I'll see if I can convince rob to add it. But first, we wait for MoinMoin upgrade, which is the priority. Feel free to delete this chitchat whenever read. -- dmppanda 18:34, 20 April 2007 (UTC)

Other stuff

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