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There are two main reasons a release cannot be added: 1) it was never made available to the public (legitimately or not) and 2) it was made available but is so rare/obscure that information on it is nearly impossible to find. This page is meant as a clearinghouse of data on releases that meet the aforementioned criteria. In the unlikely event that more data surfaces (for obscure/rare releases) or copies surface (for cancelled releases without known leaks), please add these releases to MB.


  • Artist: THE ALFEE
  • Release Date: December 17, 2014
  • Label: EXPRESS / Virgin Records (Virgin Music)
  • Catalog Number: PDEV-1902
  • Format: Other (book with optical pen)
  • Reason I cannot add this release: Insufficient data. I cannot find a list of songs contained in the book or identify the recordings contained in the pen.


  • Artist: Vinnie Vincent
  • Release Date: 1997 (slated)
  • Label: Metaluna Records
  • Reason I cannot add this release: It was cancelled, and details on it are scant.


  • Artist: 三原じゅん子
  • Release Date: 1984
  • Label: BILLBOX
  • Catalog Number: K20A-592
  • Format: 12″ Vinyl
  • Reason I cannot add this release: Insufficient information. I cannot find info on the tracklist anywhere.

Life Alive

  • Artist: WICKED
  • Release Date: November 15, 2014
  • Label: [no label]
  • Catalog Number: RA-1401
  • Format: 2×12″ Vinyl
  • Tracklist:
    • 1. Rock It
    • 2. All-American Rock n’ Roller
    • 3. Thunder Child
    • 4. Nightmare
    • 5. Judas Kiss
    • 6. Forever Damned
    • 7. High Roller
    • 8. It’s a Riot
    • 9. Knuckle Down
    • 10. Reptile Roots
  • Reason I cannot add this release: I don't even know if it even exists. The release date has passed and it's still not available. I can't find any info on it or the band outside of some social media links.

- UPDATE: According to some of the band's old tweets as well as, this was actually released. I still do not know where all the tracks lie, as I cannot get my hands on it. It appears to be a limited pressing; the band's Facebook did hint at a CD re-release in May. I'll keep my eyes peeled. - HibiscusKazeneko (talk) 17:13, 14 March 2015 (UTC)


  • Artist: Loz Netto
  • Label: Simmons Records
  • Reason I cannot add this release: I can't find evidence it was ever released. The only mention of it I've seen is on an old Simmons Records flyer (the one pictured on page 211 of Gene Simmons' memoir KISS and Make-Up).



  • Artist: Daphne & Celeste
  • Release Date: November 2000 (slated)
  • Label: Perfect Noise
  • Reason I cannot add this release: It was quietly cancelled. Almost no information about it exists.

Vinnie Vincent Archives

  • Artist: Vinnie Vincent
  • Release Date: 1998 (slated)
  • Label: Metaluna Records
  • Format: 6×Cassette
  • Reason I cannot add this release: It was cancelled, and data on its contents is scant.