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* [[Artist:5bed0ef8-0745-44f2-b5b4-dfa6150732be|Angelika Express]]
* [[Artist:5bed0ef8-0745-44f2-b5b4-dfa6150732be|Angelika Express]]
* [[Artist:2e260f6b-a0a0-4cc5-bce3-4124abc7d6f7|Comix]]
* [[Artist:47b42008-a94c-4e50-b554-6aac48a996fe|Cwtch]]
* [[Artist:47b42008-a94c-4e50-b554-6aac48a996fe|Cwtch]]

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The idea is to have a ranking of artists, based on mostly objective criteria. The reason for this is more fun to clean up artists (like: I want to have my favorite band be fully cleaned up, and let others know). These artists are then also a show case what can be achieved with the full level of MusicBrainz interlinked data!

The proposed criteria are (only for artists that have a discography):

  • Bronze
    • Has "full" discography on overview page, which means all release groups are cleaned up (merged, have correct type) and all official studio albums / EPs / singles are present as release groups. Usually this means the overview page obsoletes the Wikipedia discography.
    • All musical artist relationships are set (performs as, all band members).
    • The artist and all members (for groups) have all available artist info filled in (IPI(!), begin/end date, country, gender, ...)
    • All external links are set (official homepage, lyrics, allmusic, discogs, youtube, twitter, facebook, ...).
    • All duplicate artists merged, artist comment set for all artists with the same name.
  • Silver
    • All releases are cleaned up, which means medium type, date, label, barcode, ASIN and discogs links are set so they exist, duplicates merged.
    • All official releases are present (e.g. there is no non-promo/non-bootleg release in Discogs which is not in MusicBrainz).
  • Gold
    • All recordings are cleaned up, which means there are no two recordings with the same name and no disambiguation (ISRC, comment, ...)
    • All recordings (besides ones like [silence], etc.) are linked to works.
    • All works have the correct type and have an ISWC set if available.
  • Platinum
    • All external links are set (lyrics, allmusic, discogs, ASIN, ...) for all entities (works, releases, release groups, ...).
    • All works have (correct) writer/composer/lyricist relationships
    • All available (through liner notes, other trustful sources) musical relationships set (mastered by, recorded by, guest vocalists, ...)

If an artist is in Platinum state nothing more can be added/corrected for the artist, except when MusicBrainz gets new features or new releases appear or new information is available.