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* [[Artist:612231ce-633b-4ebc-99bf-9b14e8d1cb74|Frankmusik]]
* [[Artist:612231ce-633b-4ebc-99bf-9b14e8d1cb74|Frankmusik]]
* [[Artist:03ad1736-b7c9-412a-b442-82536d63a5c4|Elliott Smith]] (US singer-songwriter)
* [[Artist:735e3514-a8ae-401f-af3b-6300df1b8d2c|Caribou]]
* [[Artist:6907d8f2-70fd-4e8c-94d6-ce005fddba05|Manitoba]]
* [[Artist:859216c4-5d01-479b-b6c3-e20cc591a86a|Daphni]]

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The idea is to have a ranking of artists, based on partly objective criteria. The reason for this is more fun to clean up artists (like: I want to have my favorite band be fully cleaned up, and let others know). These artists are then also a show case what can be achieved with the full level of MusicBrainz interlinked data!

The proposed criteria are (only for artists that have a discography):

  • unknown: default
  • bronze: has "full" discography on overview page (release groups cleaned up), all artist relationships (performs as, band members) set, IPI set for artist and/or all band members
  • silver: all releases/release groups cleaned up (date, label, barcode, ASIN/discogs links)
  • gold: all recordings cleaned up (comments for live recordings / recordings with same name, identical ones merged), works cleaned up, every recording is associated with at least one work, all works have ISWC if they have any
  • platinum: all external links set (lyrics, allmusic, discogs, ASIN, ...), all relationships set (writer, composer, ...); in this state nothing more can be done for the artist, except when musicbrainz gets new features or new releases appear.