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1. cover art: off
1. cover art: off
2. "no release" plugin: on; un-strip releasestatus
2. "no release" plugin: on; "asin,barcode,catalognumber,date,label,media,releasecountry"
# $odd songs I/II: ???
# $odd songs I/II: ???

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MB db


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Open edits removing anything but PUIDs


Currently doing a superficially exhaustive clean-up of the "Brilliant Classics" label.

- http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Series/Bach_Complete_Brilliant

- http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Series/Mozart_Complete_Brilliant

Also: http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/User:HumHumXX/Bach_on_TELDEC



MB Picard

1. cover art: off
2. "no release" plugin: on; "asin,barcode,catalognumber,date,label,media,releasecountry"

# $odd songs I/II: ???

File naming

$if($eq(%album%,[non-album tracks])
,%album%/%artist% - %title%
,)$if($or(%releasetype%,%originaldate%),[$if2(%releasetype%,--); $if2(%originaldate%,--)] ,)%album%/$if(%totaldiscs%,$num(%discnumber%,2)-,)$num(%tracknumber%,2). %artist% - %title%


$if($eq(%totaldiscs%,1),$unset(totaldiscs) $unset(discnumber))