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Paul Taylor [MB: Editor:ijabz | Web]


Im the developer of the Jaikoz tagger, I originally started working on this back in 2004 whilst having a break from 'real' work and living in Italy - at time I wasnt even aware of Musicbrainz. I then discovered Musicbrainz a bit later and was pretty stunned by it and decided this should be an integral part of Jaikoz. Then returned to UK in 2005 ,and put Jaikoz development on hold whilst I returned to work got married and became a father. But after 18 months working for a Consultancy Company I felt pretty hacked off and decided that I should have another go as an independent developer.


I haven't contributed to actual edits in the Musicbrainz system that much so far, but I am interested in making it easier to get new information into MB.

Music Likes

I suppose UK/UK Indie circa 1988 - 1992 is my golden age of Music, particularly bands like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine and King of the Slums. these days I listen to new stuff in a similar vein such as Cribs or Wilco.

Musicbrainz Stuff

Having to install a complete mb server just to get the database working seems silly, and the official instructions are linux biased, so I wrote these instructions for setting up just the database on a Mac MusicbrainzNGSDatabaseInstallMac

Changes between a straightforward Xml to json conversion and the new format we have NewJSONFormatTransformations

Instructions for setting postgres,mbslave and search server on Xbuntu 12.10 MbslaveAndSearchServerOnNewXbuntuMachine

Instructions for newbies on using Git (with MMD-schema) MMdSchemaWithGit

Updated instructions for using new VM with VMWare ijabz/VMwarePlayerVMSetup Lucene4.0Test1