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== Jack in a Box ==
[http://www.jack-in-a-box.co.uk '''Jack in a Box'''] is a British acoustic singer/songwriter from Shropshire, United Kingdom, formed in November 2013 by Jack Norcup (Songwriter, guitarist, lead vocals).
The project was created by Jack Norcup and already has a growing catalogue of original material, the music itself is best described as acoustic pop with a nod to folk and country.
The first single [http://www.soundcloud.com/jack-in-a-box-music/the-honest-truth-final "The Honest Truth"]was recorded at AFG Productions with Tonus, and released on April 20th 2015.
The track was self-released on to the Jack in a Box  social media sites, including [http://www.facebook.com/jackinaboxmusic "Facebook"] [http://www.twitter.com/jackinaboxmusic "Twitter"]
== LOGO ==
The works of Jack in a Box are associated by a specific logo of a blue letter "J" inside a blue box, this was created specifically for the project to give it a recognizable logo/brand.

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