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|Indicate multiplication operation.
|Indicate multiplication operation.
|x (the letter 'x')
|x (the letter 'x') when used to indicate multiplication

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N.B. Usage of preferred characters is optional and sometimes unwarranted.

Preferred Unicode characters for English punctuation
Preferred Usage Deprecates
Hyphen Joining words, e.g. co‐operate. - (hyphen-minus)
Figure Dash used as a dash within numbers, e.g. 555‒1212
En Dash Separate range of numbers (e.g. 1989‒90)
Minus sign Indicate subtraction
Em Dash Separate thoughts—like this -- (hyphen-minus, ×2)
Horizontal bar
Quotation dash
Introduce quoted text in some cases.
Left single quotation mark Indicate start of quoted text. ' (apostrophe-quote)
Right single quotation mark
Indicate end of quoted text, or omitted characters. Should not be used if the album clearly uses the typewriter apostrophe, as with this Frank Zappa album.
Prime Minutes; feet.
Left double quotation mark Indicate start of quoted text " (quotation mark)
Right double quotation mark Indicate end of quoted text
Double prime Seconds; inches
Horizontal ellipsis Indicate intentional omission in original text, or a pause in speech or thought. ... (Period/full stop ×3)
× Multiplication Indicate multiplication operation. x (the letter 'x') when used to indicate multiplication