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I wrote some cross-browser companion scripts for musicbrainz editors (userjs/greasemonkey/userscripts).

Here is Bitmap’s awesome MusicBrainz: Set recording comments for a release (mirror).

Tools for me



See your subscribed artists' edits done by anyone but you since yesterday (not only open edits) (AUTOEDIT SPY)

See your subscribed artists' edits done by anyone but you since last week (not only open edits) (AUTOEDIT SPY)

some seemingly wrong rec. merges

Those one click edits require at least 10 edits to be fixed and the resulting split leads to clearing all lost info. It’s an illustration for ML thread

Template:lang fr-native Template:lang en-some Template:lang vi-some Template:lang ja-some

JIS to Unicode mappings

correct typographic characters

[Style/Miscellaneous] says « ''…'''typographically-correct punctuation is preferred.''''' » 
Unicode documentation for U+2019 ’ RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK says « '''''this is the preferred character to use for apostrophe''''' » and it’s true that it has been used in the printing industry for so many years (and looks more natural, you wouldn’t find papers with the computer apostrophe U+0027, or only kind of bad ones).
Likewise, Unicode documentation for U+0027 ' APOSTROPHE says « '''''2019 is preferred for apostrophe.''''' »
※ One of the extracts of the Unicode standard documentation

some advice to japanese edits

(from edit:18777709) (edit:19442871 suggests a FAQ)

Official and/or trustworthy reference is so easy to find for Japanese releases so it's a real pity to use  untrustful websites like anonymous/random/average Joe user edited wikis (discogs, wikipedia) who themselves don’t really backup their edits with proof.
It is better to get first-hand information for release addition (and websites that can bring trustful info for small details).
Especially if you don’t have the release (no first-hand) information but you still want to make MB edits on them, cross-checking is important.

Example of trustful reference
* '''actual releases''' or '''pictures of actual releases''', '''OHP''' ('''o'''fficial '''h'''ome'''p'''age) of artist or label, for the whole release information release date etc.
* no-CCCD versions re-release dates
* '''JASRAC''' for '''credits'''
* contains both official ISRC database and almost complete JASRAC mirror
* '''CDJournal''' for correct production (sub-)'''label''' attribution  -98% trust-
* '''Joshin web''' for '''JAN''' -100% trust but now only contains non out of print

(bad japanese from edit:19387852)