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Each entity has a primary public MBID and several secondary hidden MBID.

Why keeping oldest MBID?

It’s about the third party stuff (web sites, files, user scripts) that might have been more numerous to store the older MBID. Some of those will loose some functionality (like not being able to display related info it it looks for the new MBID in its database but they were more likely to have stored it with the older MBID).

  • Keep most FlickrMachineTag working OK

How to spot oldest MBID?

The lowest row ID indicates the oldest MBID.


Edit #41240735 - Merge recordings

As the source is more recent, there are less chances that its MBID has been used by some stuff than the MBID. The MBID of target has been public for a long time already.

Once the merge pass, both URL will lead to same merged recordings but // will only be a shortcut and a normal browse can never show it and it will appear as a missing track in the COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER.

flickr machine tag problem example

If an artist having associated MBID machine tag photos in flickr is merged into another one, a user script displaying those on the artist page will never be able to show them any more. So this is important to target the MBID that has been public the longest, still the smaller row ID.