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if you create a jira ticket from there, please remove the paragraph afterwards and if you’re kind enough, put the ticket name in the wremoval iki edit note (summary). — jesus2099 ♬ 16:28, 30 January 2015 (UTC)

2014-12-09. collection edits : 504 Gateway Time-out

small collection edit history page leads to systematic 504 Gateway Time-out even if it is very small, if each release edit histroy works good and if I have another huge gigantic collection and another big collection without same problem. is a 18 release private collection :

  1. → 504 Gateway Time-out no matter how many tries
  3. Check Allow other users to see this collection
  4. again → now OK
  5. Uncheck Allow other users to see this collection
  6. again → still OK

Update 2015-01-30, now it’s Internal Server Error instead :

2014-12-17. ratings star display doesn’t work good any more in Opera 12 after ratings changed ratings doesn’t work any more (it submits but visually broken after click) — I have to majke something added or appear in the DOM to refresh its status (like displaying my LocalStorage Manager or turbo settings user script or something)

2014-12-19. caps change not detected in release editor (seems to be reported and fixed)