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if you create a jira ticket from there, please remove the paragraph afterwards and if you’re kind enough, put the ticket name in the wremoval iki edit note (summary). — jesus2099 ♬ 16:28, 30 January 2015 (UTC)

2014-12-09. collection edits : 504 Gateway Time-out

small collection edit history page leads to systematic 504 Gateway Time-out even if it is very small, if each release edit histroy works good and if I have another huge gigantic collection and another big collection without same problem. is a 18 release private collection :

  1. → 504 Gateway Time-out no matter how many tries
  3. Check Allow other users to see this collection
  4. again → now OK
  5. Uncheck Allow other users to see this collection
  6. again → still OK

Update 2015-01-30, now it’s Internal Server Error instead :

2014-12-17. ratings star display doesn’t work good any more in Opera 12 after ratings changed ratings doesn’t work any more (it submits but visually broken after click) — I have to majke something added or appear in the DOM to refresh its status (like displaying my LocalStorage Manager or turbo settings user script or something)

2014-12-19. caps change not detected in release editor (seems to be reported and fixed)

2015. “send email” broken for me

send email to editor feature hasn’t been working anymore for me for weeks (i don’t receive my copy and the editor does not receive my message).

2015-02-05. no target=_blank on “appears on”

2015-02-10. show “Copy the release title to the release group” as soon as oninput rather than only later onchange

(release editor)

This is being fixed as a by-catch in bitmap’s MBS-8212 pull request: [1] --Chirlu (talk) 09:34, 11 February 2015 (UTC)