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Want to leave me a note?  Carve out a new section on my [[User_talk:JimDeLaHunt|Talk page]].
Jim, re the last bullet in the "What I'm seized of at [[MusicBrainz]]" section, I'd suggest the answer is yes, yes, and yes, but the last only as a side benefit, not a goal within itself.  [[Delete When Cooked|DeleteWhenCooked]] :) -- [[Brian Schweitzer|BrianSchweitzer]] 20:15, 19 January 2008 (UTC)
Jim, this was very helpful. My problem was at the end of the whole process I could not see any Releases, only artists and songs. I used MBServer-20070401-2 and mbdump.tar.bz2 from  24-May-2008 -- Trent George 2008-05-27
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Jim DeLaHunt [ MB: Editor:Jim DeLaHunt | IRC: none yet | Wiki: JimDeLaHunt | Last.fm: none yet | jdlh.com ]
I live in Vancouver, Canada. Our family has a collection of some 500 CDs which are gradually being ripped, encoded, and tagged. Most are opera and classical, but there are other genres in there too.... I really care about having accurate metadata on my opera tracks, because that's an important part of having it show up well in the music players.
more bio... Languages: English, 日本語, etwas Deutsch, un peu de Français, un poco de español.

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What I'm seized of at MusicBrainz

  • Get good metadata tags for the CD collection I'm ripping.
  • Figure out how enter metadata for my CD collection efficiently.
  • Improving documentation of existing features. Write howto documents recording what I've learned.
  • Maybe write some better data entry UIs or bots to systematically clean up existing data.
  • Look at the ObjectModel and notions like work (composition) as applicable to ClassicalMusic, OperaMusic and MusicalTheatre.
  • Figure out what MusicBrainz is trying to be: "This site is intended to be a free, on-line encyclopedia of music information." (GeneralFAQ), but that still leaves me with questions.
  • Is MB attempting to build a database of true facts and relationships about music separate from particular recordings, and/or a database of facts and relationships about recordings, and/or a service that produces useful metadata tags for digital music files?

Setting up a private server: log

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Exploring AdvancedRelationship statistics

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Want to leave me a note? Carve out a new section on my Talk page.