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Jim DeLaHunt [ MB: Editor:Jim DeLaHunt | IRC: none yet | Wiki: JimDeLaHunt | none yet | ]
I live in Vancouver, Canada. Our family has a collection of some 500 CDs which are gradually being ripped, encoded, and tagged. Most are opera and classical, but there are other genres in there too.... I really care about having accurate metadata on my opera tracks, because that's an important part of having it show up well in the music players.
more bio... Languages: English, 日本語, etwas Deutsch, un peu de Français, un poco de español.

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What I'm seized of at MusicBrainz

  • Get good metadata tags for the CD collection I'm ripping.
  • Figure out how enter metadata for my CD collection efficiently.
  • Improving documentation of existing features. Write howto documents recording what I've learned.
  • Maybe write some better data entry UIs or bots to systematically clean up existing data.
  • Look at the ObjectModel and notions like work (composition) as applicable to ClassicalMusic, OperaMusic and MusicalTheatre.
  • Figure out what MusicBrainz is trying to be: "This site is intended to be a free, on-line encyclopedia of music information." (GeneralFAQ), but that still leaves me with questions.
  • Is MB attempting to build a database of true facts and relationships about music separate from particular recordings, and/or a database of facts and relationships about recordings, and/or a service that produces useful metadata tags for digital music files?

Setting up a private server: log

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Exploring AdvancedRelationship statistics

This content is now archived at User:JimDeLaHunt/ArchivePage/Exploring AdvancedRelationship statistics. JimDeLaHunt 03:20, 28 October 2011 (UTC)


Jim, re the last bullet in the "What I'm seized of at MusicBrainz" section, I'd suggest the answer is yes, yes, and yes, but the last only as a side benefit, not a goal within itself. DeleteWhenCooked :) -- BrianSchweitzer 20:15, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

Jim, this was very helpful. My problem was at the end of the whole process I could not see any Releases, only artists and songs. I used MBServer-20070401-2 and mbdump.tar.bz2 from 24-May-2008 -- Trent George 2008-05-27 Template:lang en-native Template:lang ja-fluent Template:lang de-some Template:lang fr-some Template:lang es-some