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Artists which might have wrong country set by my bot. Corrections in my open edits

Arturo Molina, Jr. Mexican-American hip hop artist Kid Frost, Scoop Devilles father
Klar Czech-German alternative band
Karkadan Tunisian-Italian MC
The Sabras Israeli-American rock'n'roll band from New York, late 60's
Zilch Japanese-American rock band
Rich Little Canadian-American impressionist and voice actor
Seba France-based Algerian group
Magneto russian-israeli psytrance artist Vlad Krivoshein
James Morrison Irish-American fiddler
Ama Ghanaian-American singer-songwriter
Cary Grant British-born American actor
Selena Mexican-American cumbia tejano singer
Richard Benson British-Italian musician
DÖF Austrian-German synth-pop group
Sara Ramirez Mexican-American actress and singer.
Thom Moore American-Irish songwriter
Twice French-Danish rock band: Margot Poirier & Andreas Eriksen
Andy Armenian-Iranian singer, Andranik Madadian
Kismet Australian-based Macedonian industrial group
Glorious English-speaking rock band
Nair Italian-Egyptian singer-songwriter
Jin Chinese-American rapper Jin Au-Yeung
Kelpie Norwegian-Scottish duo (Kerstin Blodig, Ian Melrose)
Roopa Mahadevan Indian-American vocalist active in 2000's
John Wyre Canadian-US percussionist
Cassette German-speaking artist
Bishop Samoan-NZ rapper
Amos Iranian-German singer/producer Amir Sufi-Siavach
NOX Swiss-German artist, "Mr. Dictionnaire"
The Irish Brigade Irish-American band
Éire Nua Italian-Irish folk band
Conductor Angolan-Portuguese kuduro/hip-hop producer Andro Carvalho
Canvas French-german eletronic trio
Berj Zamkochian Armenian-American Organist
Georg Friedrich Händel German-British Baroque composer
AG Danish-Dominican rapper
Suburbs French-Canadian rock band