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There was some discussion about the issues and a possible removal of Disc IDs on the 13th MusicBrainz Summit. I want to summarize issues and benefits of discID usage a bit.

Purpose of Disc IDs

Issues with (or because of) Disc IDs

Client support with and without full TOC

The main client library for disc ID support is libdiscid:

  • submission url provided includes DiscID and TOC, to save the TOC on the server
  • web service url provided also includes both, but is outdated (WS/1)
  • only the disc ID can be gathered directly with the API (as of 0.5.2)
  • there will be an upcoming release (0.6.0) with a "toc string API" (LIB-41)

The web service does allow lookup by disc ID and, if it doesn't match, a fuzzy lookup by TOC. The result of a match by disc ID and a fuzzy match by TOC looks completely different (see comment in LMB-36) A syntactically valid (though not existing) disc ID is always required and a match by TOC is currently always fuzzy.

libmusicbrainz is technically able to work with a TOC lookup, but isn't straightforward due to how the web service works. (see above and LMB-36)

python-musicbrainzngs can only lookup by disc ID. There is an outstanding ticket for (fuzzy) lookup by TOC.

Usage statistics