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Not much to say about me. I love all kinds of music and I'm constantly searching for more, and the desire for the most accurate library brought me here. In the real world I work in computer networking, either network design or troubleshooting. I've got plenty of experience with computers and their uses but I’m a hardware man; staring at code and programming bores me, but I am grateful for what others can do with it. If I'm not at work I try to spend as much time as I can outdoors, I’m physically active doing whatever sounds fun, mostly hiking in the mountains.

Why I'm here

As far as the site is concerned I'm interested in making MusicBrainz as accessible to the rest of the world as possible. It's hard for those of us in computers and programming to keep from being pulled into the technology. Sometimes you have to stand back and look at the site thought the eyes of a non-computer savvy user and remember that they're the majority of your users.

To that end I try to make sure that everything it as simple to understand and comfortable to a new user. I think the sustainability of a collaboration like Musicbrainz will only happen if it's constantly attracting "new blood".

As a last.fm moderator I also have the ulterior motive of making sure that the database is accurate so that me and other users of last.fm can have an accurate place to synchronize our music to get the most of our relationships.

What I'm doing

As far as musical genres I'll moderate, just about anything goes; I've heard most of it except country, the one musical style I don't listen to. Most of my personal collection is Punk, Classic Rock (60's and 70's), Classical, and recently a lot of Japanese.

I've been involved in style issues before but with Don Redman becomming less involved as style secretary I've been looking to help out a bit more, however this clashes with the fact that I think much of MusicBrainz is either too complicated or not streamlined enough to be accessable to the casual user. Time will tell if I step more into Don's place, keep things the same, shake things up, or abandon MB; ask me at different times on any given day and the answer could be any one of those.

Current goals

  • I just want to get my library tagged, but it grows faster than I can do it.
  • Someday when I have most of my library tagged I'll start adding AR's for all the albums I have.
  • Making "how to" and quickstart guides for people who are new to MusicBrainz, similar to the ones I did at last.fm.


More for my personal use than readers such as yourself