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I am me. I guess that was obvious.


  • Fight with the wiki formatting for KrazyKiwi/Wibble where I intend doing some... you know, wibbling on about stuff, until it's in good enough shape to present to you know, people who aren't me.
  • Fix | Cerrone; it's a remix album, and the discogs link goes to a deleted entry.
  • Currently on my second go through adding/fixing/cleaning up the extensive (but extensively documented at least) "Absolute.." music series of compilations (up to here:
  • Work through AR'ing out the extensive and detailed roster for Magnet. Tons of artists and albums to add, as well as all the connections:


  • Fix up Akt disc 1 and Akt disc 2 by Die Form. This is a 'best of side projects' release, and should probably be VA, Album Artist Die Form, and tracks attributed to whichever side project they actually got released under (if they were released at all).
  • Indie band Tilly & The Wall make a feature of having a tapdancer instead of a drummer (both live and in recordings). She is always credited as such and they probably have 5 releases all on their own. -- KrazyKiwi (Now mentioned on the instruments page.)

Bands I am especially interested in fixing the discographies of (and keeping fixed)

Others (stuff I noticed in my travels that need work)

  • Koo De Tah (Tina Cross and Leon Berger, neither of whom are in here either)
  • Everyone who's ever been on one of the Nature's Best compilations of NZ music

Useful Musical Resources


  • (Dolores Records katalog, home to among others Håkan Hellström, Alf, Caesars, Broder Daniel, I'm from Barcelona) Notable for being very complete, albeit with some misspellings, and some corrections where they managed to label their own CD's with the wrong catalog number. Useful starting point, stuff from here probably needs confirmation from other sources.)
  • (EMI Sweden - they distribute a lot of other labels (like, Dolores above), as well as having their own roster. Pretty complete discographies, but light on details (sometimes the release dates disagree with sublabel's info, they tend to have all the albums and singles listed, but for instance, no track times or catalog numbers) Again, good starting point, look for confirmation elsewhere before relying on the details.)
  • (Mariann Gramafon, the infamous Bert Karlsson's label. Decently complete catalog on the site, but very light on details. However, they have a big roster of swedish artists, and usually have a link to their home pages if nothing else. Also they do lots of compilations, under various brands)
  • (Absolute Music, until recently a compilation house, but they seem to be releasing or at least distributing some new releases since the start of 2006. In any case, this is the canonical source for the Swedish release of "Absolute ...." where ... is just about anything you can think of.)
  • EVA Records (In Sweden, part of Absolute Music). This was originally a joint venture from EMI, Virgin and BMG (in some other countries, Ariola), licensing music from all three for the purposes of compilations. Over the years the parent labels have changed, Virgin and EMI merged, Sony and BMG, and Warners is now involved, but they license music from other labels too. There have been related companies in France, the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, and perhaps most succesfully in Belgium. Where I've been entering these, I've used Absolute Music/EVA Records to distinguish the Swedish versions. Norway's is called EVA Records ANS. Unfortunately, the only one with a complete catalogue online is the Swedish version (at, and I would be very interested to get hold of such a thing for the other countries.

Labels to work on

Other than the obvious ones, Absolute, Metropolis and Zoth Ommog, I intend to do some work on these too. Which doesn't mean you can't start without me if you find one of these links interesting:

All this first lot is Swedish

Absolute Stuff