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open edits: abstained, korean, japanese, dutch & frisian

Post NGS Style Guideline project: User:kuno/Post NGS Style

Updating development pages: User:kuno/Development Overview

BBC Music AR proposal by ruaok/bbc: BBCMusicRelationshipType

current proposals: kuno/CurrentStyleProposals, kuno/CurrentProposals.

Some notes I'm collecting on embedded cover art: kuno/CoverArtLegalIssues.

Voting motivation ideas: kuno/VotingMotivations.

Multi-disc AR: PartOfSetRelationshipType.

Release Groups: User:kuno/ReleaseGroups



I'm warp on #musicbrainz (see also IRCRegulars), kuno is my account on musicbrainz. You can email me at, and I have a very low-traffic blog at

I mostly edit the stuff I want to tag, but also try to keep an eye on japanese, korean and dutch Add Release edits.


You will often see me adding/fixing japanese releases, even though I do not read any japanese. This mostly originated from a healthy obsession of wanting video game music tagged correctly in the original language, and not their transliterated or translated equivalents.

Feel free to bother me with questions on video game music in general.


Frisian is my native language, but I don't listen to frisian music at all --- still, if you do stumble upon a frisian release in MB, I will be happy to try and answer any question you might have.

In my spare time I'm trying to learn korean, I'm an absolute beginner and progress is slow, but again, if you have questions regarding a korean release I will try to answer them.


needs fixing:


Check if all the various wipeout playstation/saturn/pc cdroms are entered correctly, and that all of them are there, and that no duplicates are.

  • Hi kuno. Isn't it WipEout, wipEout or something like that, the correct spelling of this game serie? :) -- jesus2099 14:06, 16 April 2007 (UTC)
    • Hello jesus2099 :), that's mostly just the graphic designers having some fun. The titles on the spines of the european releases are: "WIPEOUT", "WIPEOUT 2097" and "WIP3OUT". And afaik the US has "WIPEOUT", "WIPEOUT XL" and "WIPEOUT 3". You can also see the wipeout 3 difference on the covers at discogs. (If i followed the graphic designers the first one would be called wipE'out", where the E should be an inverted 3).
      • Wow, more complicated than I thought. (^_^) (j2)

short list from the top of my head of those which should be there:

  • Wipeout PC CDROM, Playstation, Saturn
  • Wipeout 2097 / Wipeout XL PC CDROM, Playstation, Saturn --- check if the game was released consistently with these names in their respective continents for all platforms.
  • Wipeout 3
  • Wipeout Pure
  • Wipeout Fusion

There should be seperate soundtrack releases for atleast these:

  • Wipeout, Wipeout 2097, Wipeout Pure. check if all of these are in MB, and check if there are more of those out there. UPDATE: discovered a wip3out soundtrack at .

UPDATE: checked to wipeout 3 so far. missing releases (on 2007-03-03): Wipeout PC CDROM disc, Wipeout XL playstation disc.

Slightly related:

  • Rollcage and Rollcage 2 have different audio tracks between their playstation and pc-cdrom versions, check if all of those are in MB, and check if the soundtrack release is in there.


Add bounce:connected?

Final Fantasy

FFIX needs japanese tracklistings for all four discs. check imdb/amazon links too. check FFX-2 piano collections.

[done] FFX-2 needs japanese tracklistings for all vocal collections.


c-mon & kypski need some looking at, kypski's day out is missing from NATs. no catalog #s, no language/script, etc...

demoscene related

Demovibes could use some ARs.

Have a go at some of the netlabels, such as thinner, rohformat, etc..

ex to-do list


Needs a cleanup, but without knowing japanese, it is just too hard to find any info. useful:

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