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Lah Narrad is the psychedelic alter ego of Darran Hall, Born in Belfast N.Ireland, Making Music has been a part of his life from an early age, playing guitar and drums in various punk bands, until one fateful night in 2006 in Holland when he found himself at his first Psy Trance Party. From this point on Musically and personally his life had changed, After returning to Ireland in 2009 he started to orgainise the Tongue on the roof psy trance Parties in Belfast and started to play warm up DJ sets at his events, Soon after he was playing sets all over Ireland and abroad, Focusing on Night Full on and forest sounds mixed together Curating an epic voyage into the subconsious while maintaining a bouncey possitive Psychdedelic edge. in 2010 curiosity set in as to how to produce these magical tunes and a journey into programming, synthesis and DAWs began, Sculpting his sound into what is now a destinctive Full power trip.