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Passed Proposals:
Passed Proposals:
*[[User:LordSputnik/Recording Style Guidelines|Recording Style Guidelines]]
*[[Style/Recording#When_should_recordings_be_shared.3F|Recording Style Guidelines]]
*[[User:LordSputnik/Audiobook Style|Audiobook Style]]
*[[Style/Specific_types_of_releases/Audiobook|Audiobook Style]]
*[[Style/Artist#Definite_Articles|Definite Articles in Artist Names]]

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Hey, welcome to my page! I'm an editor who also develops stuff! I'm the main developer of Warp, a mass metadata tagger. Feel free to try it out!

I like most types of music, especially 70s/80s stuff, even though I'm a 90s kid!

I'm currently doing my best to come up with a system to replace recordings:

Work-Mix-Master-Track (WMMT)

Passed Proposals:

Also, if you saw something by me and don't have a clue where it was, it's probably here:

Random Stuff