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#REDIRECT [[Recording]]
In MusicBrainz, a '''Recording''' is either the result of '''mixing''' and/or '''editing''' one or more audio tracks, or unmixed and unedited recorded sound.
An '''audio track''' is recorded sound, captured from a studio or live performance or from other audio sources, including existing Recordings.
'''Editing''' is defined as re-arranging audio tracks. This involves adding, removing, lengthening or shortening sections of audio tracks, or moving them relative to other sections.
'''Mixing''' is the process by which audio tracks are combined into one or more output audio channels. Mixing may apply a variety of audio processing techniques to audio tracks, such as equalization, panning, volume adjustment and compression.
'''Mastering''' is a process that is applied to the mixed and/or edited audio tracks, to prepare them for release. MusicBrainz Recordings do not indicate any particular mastering.
These are all different Recordings:
*Studio recording: [[recording:9ce76fe1-769f-481a-afbb-3b9b81c6f433|Into the Blue]] by [[artist:8970d868-0723-483b-a75b-51088913d3d4|Moby]]
*Remixed recording: [[recording:023b1e14-0e7e-4dc1-9ab4-9ef4f0e70ce0|Into the Blue (Beatmasters mix)]] by [[artist:8970d868-0723-483b-a75b-51088913d3d4|Moby]]
*Studio recording: [[recording:f449e449-503b-4ca4-967b-4aff18bc218e|Voulez-Vous]] by [[artist:d87e52c5-bb8d-4da8-b941-9f4928627dc8|ABBA]]
*Live recording: [[recording:d97813dc-a5fb-4ddb-b22e-7990cd253aae|Voulez-Vous]] by [[artist:d87e52c5-bb8d-4da8-b941-9f4928627dc8|ABBA]]
==Style Guidelines==
Please see the [[Style/Recording|guidelines for recordings]].
The title of the recording.
The artist(s) that the recording is primarily credited to.
An approximation to the length of the actual mix, calculated from the lengths of the tracks using the recording.
The [[ISRC|International Standard Recording Code]] assigned to the recording.
See [[MusicBrainz Identifier]].
===Disambiguation comment===
See [[Disambiguation Comment]].
See [[Annotation]].

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