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A MusicBrainz Recording is defined as a unique mix, where a mix is the result of editing and mixing one or more audio tracks.

An audio track is raw audio, typically captured from a studio performance but possibly created from live performances and other audio sources.

For the purposes of MusicBrainz, mixing is defined as changing the volume of a particular audio track relative to other audio tracks. It also covers things such as volume fading, panning within a sound field, or muting a track completely.

Editing of audio tracks generally takes place before mixing, and is more to do with changing the positioning and duration of each audio track. Moving a drum solo from the end of one chorus to the end of the next is an example of editing. Shifting background vocals along a few seconds so that they start at a different point in the song is another example.

It should be noted that mixing and editing usually apply to audio tracks rather than the whole song. These two processes take place before the completion of the song. Mastering is a related process that is applied to the whole song after completion, to prepare it for a particular release.


These are all different Recordings:

Style Guidelines

Please see the guidelines for recordings.



The title of the recording.


The artist(s) that the recording is primarily credited to.


An approximation to the length of the actual mix, calculated from the lengths of the tracks using the recording.


The International Standard Recording Code assigned to the recording.


See MusicBrainz Identifier.

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