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#REDIRECT [[Style/Recording#Title]]
To replace http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Style/Recording#Title:
A recording which features in tracks from the recording artist's official albums should use the most common version of the titles '''from those tracks'''. For any other recording which has tracks, just use the most common variation of all the track titles. For a standalone recording, use the title given by the source.
Extra title information should be included in the recording title, just as it would be for tracks. The disambiguation comment should only be used after any extra title information has been included in the title, and recording names are still ambiguous.
See the [[Style/Titles|title guidelines]] for general information about titles.
*The majority of the official tracks using [[recording:9aa77fa3-1a7d-4ff9-a5ce-8c3dc072fa52|…Baby One More Time]] are called "...Baby One More Time", so the recording title should be …Baby One More Time (after [[Style/Miscellaneous#Use_of_special_characters|correcting the "..." to "…"]]).
*[[recording:d0a7f90b-9d4f-4737-80ff-1f87704999f4|Mailman, Bring Me More Blues]] is probably actually the song "Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues", but because the only track using it is on a Bootleg release, that track title should be used as the recording title.

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