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#REDIRECT [[Style/Recording#Title]]
To replace http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Style/Recording#Title:
The recording title should generally be based on the titles of tracks using that recording:
* If the recording has tracks from official albums, choose the most common title from official tracks as the basis for the recording title.
* Otherwise, choose the most common track title.
* For standalone recordings, the title should be based on the title given by the original source.
For almost all recordings, [[Style/Titles/Extra_title_information|extra title information]] should be kept in the recording title. The exception is live recordings, where any performance information should be transferred to the disambiguation using the [[Style/Recording#Live_recordings|Live recordings]] guideline.
*The majority of the official tracks using the recording [[recording:9aa77fa3-1a7d-4ff9-a5ce-8c3dc072fa52|…Baby One More Time]] are called "…Baby One More Time", so the recording title should be "…Baby One More Time" and not "Baby One More Time" or "…Baby One More Time (radio version)".
*The recording [[recording:d0a7f90b-9d4f-4737-80ff-1f87704999f4|Mailman, Bring Me More Blues]] is actually the song "Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues". But because there is only one track using the recording, the title of this track should be used as the recording title.
==Specific types of recording==
===Live recordings===
For live recordings, enter the recording title as described in the [[Style/Recording#Title|recording title]] guideline, and use "live" as the recording disambiguation comment. ...

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