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This proposal implements the changes to recordings discussed in the three recordings meetings held during January 2013. The meetings were open to all of the MusicBrainz community, and issues were discussed thoroughly, so any criticism of this proposal should hopefully be focused on the wording, and not the principles.

This proposal replaces the current Recording Style Guideline with the new revision in the section below.


Recording Name

The recording name should be generally be the canonical name of the work being performed. If the recording isn't a performance, use the most common name for the recording.

Recording Artist

The recording artist should be the main artist involved in the creation of the recording. Usually, this will be the performer of the song, but it could also be the artist that remixed or recorded the recording.

Using Recordings

As explained in Recording, a recording is a unique mix. However, No need to differentiate remasters and masterings any more. Generally, use the most obvious recording on a track and it'll be correct.

Live Recordngs


Not good for differentiating mixes - often many mixes will share a single acoustid, although they may have individual fingerprints. Shouldn't really be used for merging at all. Use WavePlots instead! (maybe not include that bit) .AcoustID is better for matching tracks in a music collection to recordings.