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This pages summarises all of the things people want to be able to use recordings for. A proposal which caters for some use cases shouldn't make it any harder to cater for the cases it doesn't.

Distinguish between unique audio

Editors would like to be able to distinguish between two recording with different audio. There are varying definitions of "different audio", ranging from bit-by-bit different to just sounding similar.


Distinguish between differently mastered audio

Editors want to be able to tell which track uses which particular mastering of a song, and browse all of the documented masters and remasters of a particular song. This could include remasters and also analogue and digital masters.


Identify different mixes of performance

Editors would like to group recordings based on the particular mix of a song that they use. They would like to be able to attach performance relationships to a single entity and have it apply to many tracks.


Distinguish between things with different numbers of audio channels

This is really an extension of different mixes of a performance. Editors would like to be able to tell the number of channels present on a track.


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  • SheamusPatt: [10]

Identify releases which share identical tracks

Editors would like to be able to view releases which have recordings in common, much like tracklists in the current system.