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I'm Editor:lukz.
* E-mail: [mailto:lalinsky@gmail.com lalinsky@gmail.com]
* IRC: luks on irc.freenode.net
* Jabber: luks@jabber.sk or lalinsky@gmail.com
* Ubuntu/Debian packages for [[Picard Tagger|Picard]] and required libraries.
<ul><li style="list-style-type:none">[http://users.musicbrainz.org/~luks/ubuntu http://users.musicbrainz.org/~luks/ubuntu] (see [[Picard Linux Install|PicardLinuxInstall]] for info how to use them)
* A simple script to submit [[PUID]]s for all music from your collection.
<ul><li style="list-style-type:none">[http://users.musicbrainz.org/~luks/puid_submit.py http://users.musicbrainz.org/~luks/puid_submit.py]
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