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  • flac2foo: Transcode flac files to mp3, ogg or aac.


Edit note templates for edits of other editors

Add Release: No proof, no release event

Hello and thanks for contributing to MusicBrainz. Please provide some information that what you are adding has been actually released somewhere. See [HowToWriteEditNotes] about how to write proper edit notes with such proof. I will change my vote after your release has been verified. Also, a [ReleaseEvent] with information about release date, label, barcode and catalog number can be or lead to good proof.

Edit note templates for my edits

Very low quality classical releases with discid

No edit notes, no release event, no ARs. For classical this makes the release unidentifiable (no performer info). The discid does not justify having those very low quality releases around, possibly forever. Also, the discid may have been added later and have nothing to do with the release it actually is. (Because nobody knows what it is - this is why I make this edit).

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