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  • flac2foo: Transcode flac files to mp3, ogg or aac.


Edit note templates for edits of other editors

Add Release: No proof, no release event

Please provide some information that what you are adding has been actually released somewhere. See [HowToWriteEditNotes] about how to write proper edit notes with such proof. I will change my vote after your release has been verified. Also, a [ReleaseEvent] with information about release date, label, barcode and catalog number can be proof itself or lead to good proof.

Edit note templates for my edits

Remove Release: Very low quality classical releases

No edit notes, no release event, no ARs. For classical this makes the release unidentifiable (no performer info). See edit #10757908 and edit #10761962 for lengthy discussions why those releases are not worth staying in the database.

Remove Release Group: Empty release group due to clean-up of very low quality classical releases

Empty release group due to removing low quality classical release that was once in this release group.

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