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Mathias Kunter

MusicBrainz editor account: mathiaskunter


I'm a freelance software developer and a student at the Technical University of Vienna.


I've written the Magic Tagger software, which is part of the MusicBrainz Tagger Affiliate Program since June 2006.

I'm interested in the development of the MusicBrainz project, especially in the development of the offered Web Services and Music Taggers.

As of 2009-11, I'm working on the successor software of Magic Tagger since more than 2 years now. This new software is going to offer a lot of new and improved features, and is hopefully released within the first quarter 2010. It's going to be fully MusicBrainz compatible, of course :-)

Update: As of 2010-05, a first version of the website of this new tagging program is online. You can check it out at