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Websites with catalogues of classical music



Editing helpers

Clippings is a Firefox addon which "saves and manages frequently-entered text for later pasting into Web page forms"

Text snippets

  • Please add this relationship to all the tracks, not to the release (doc:Advanced_Relationship_Style).
  • doc:ClassicalStyleGuide
  • Please provide some evidence that what you are adding has actually been released somewhere. See doc:How_To_Write_Edit_Notes.
  • Moving the relationship to track level
  • Should be on track level

Picard file naming

	$noop(begin soundtrack)
		Soundtracks/%album% - $if2(%albumartist%,%albumartist%)

	Disc %_paddeddiscnumber%$if(%discsubtitle%,: %discsubtitle%,)/,
)$noop(end soundtrack),

$noop(begin 8bitpeoples)
$noop(end 8bitpeoples)
$noop(begin normal)
		$ne(%albumartist%,Various Artists),
		$left(%date%,4) - ,
		%date% - 
	Disc %_paddeddiscnumber% $if(%discsubtitle%,
										 - %discsubtitle%,
))$noop(end normal)/
%_paddedtracknumber% - %title%

MusicBrainz basic database setup

  • Follow INSTALL to point 3a)
  • carton exec ./script/
  • start the server with MUSICBRAINZ_USE_TEST_DATABASE=1 carton exec -Ilib -- plackup -r
  • connect directly to the DB with carton exec ./admin/psql

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